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Rely on Europe's most extensive land transportation network to deliver your system freight with DB SCHENKERsystem and DB SCHENKER system premium.

DB SCHENKERsystem premium

The best solution when time is crucial. Move your freight across Europe up to two days faster than with DB SCHENKERsystem. Take advantage of the highest reliability and our performance guarantee. Other options like Premium 10 and Premium 13, cash on delivery and our digital eServices for tracking, booking, scheduling and reporting are also available.

Fast delivery

Faster by up to two days

High Reliability

Performance Guaranteed*

Premium 10 - Perfomance Guaranteed before 10:00

Premium 10

Premium 13 - Perfomance Guaranteed before 13:00

Premium 13

Premium 10 and Premium 13 - Perfomance Guaranteed before 10:00 / 13:00

*The Guarantee shall be limited to a Money-Back-Promise: If the shipment is not delivered within the agreed lead time, the Company shall therefore reimburse the net fee without surcharges paid by the customer to us for the specific shipment. The money back guarantee for Premium 10 and Premium 13 unfulfilled service shall relate only to the additional option cost. This shall not apply if the sender or recipient is responsible for the late delivery and in case of force majeure. It is the responsibility of our client to make a claim under this clause.

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Premium 10 & Premium 13

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