Multimodal solutions – optimised combinations of modes of transport

Engineering door-to-door solutions by combining rail, road and short sea in accordance with your specific requirements is our core expertise.

We serve you with a different range of multimodal solutions. Rail transportation is highly energy-efficient, cost-effective and particularly suitable for transporting large quantities of goods medium- to long-distance. Trucks support close-range distribution. Transport your cargo with an outstanding ecological footprint and reach every corner of Europe. And even beyond, when using the Transeurasian rail corridor.

Conventional rail solutions including pre-/on-carriage by truck

DB SCHENKERintermodal
Our door-to-door service in our own intermodal network with semi-trailers, swap bodies or containers

Rail-based fast door-to-door solution on the Transeurasian corridor in block trains, FCL or LCL

Conventional rail solutions including pre-/on-carriage by truck

Solutions between defined ports with specific equipment: roll trailers or containers

What is special about our multimodal solutions?

  • Massive CO₂ reduction

    Massive CO₂ reduction

    Compared to conventional transport just by road CO₂ emissions are reduced by up to 80 per cent.
  • Trimodal on-forwarding

    Trimodal on-forwarding

    Combination of rail, road and short sea transportation across Europe and Trans-Eurasia.
  • High standards for low emission

    High standards for low emission

    We are constantly renewing our truck fleet with more and more vehicles compliant with Euro 5 Standard.
  • Integrated multimodal set-up

    Integrated multimodal set-up

    Door-to-door control of shipments, out-of-gauge cargo and special transports with a fully own-controlled network.

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We serve clients with a broad range of multimodal customer solutions – from conventional rail forwarding to intermodal, from heavy goods to high value, from North to South and East to West, from seaport to railport, from semi-trailer to roll-trailer, from China to Europe.

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